Why this page is here

As I am beginning to understand, my ability to empathize with others is related to the amount I can empathize with myself. How much I can empathize with myself is reflective of the amount of empathy I receive from others.

If this is universally true, then one can say we all need empathy in order to empathize. The amount that need to receive empathy is met, in all of us, is related to how much we can empathize with others. 

Your participation in these projects will help meet that need. Each one is unique and speaks to a certain need I believe we all share, universally. The universality of the needs in these projects is why I believe they are meant to be participatory. 

I invite you to participate if you recognize the need I am expressing from my heart.

A video that describes what sort of empathy I need in these projects can be found here.


Click the photo to participate

Click the photo to participate

Quilting for Caroline is an album about true Empathy, one that is based in giving from the heart. 

I need people who wish to be part of this story to respond in this same kind of empathy. Everything that is sent is accepted, but only send something when it feels to you that you have accomplished this kind of empathy. 

You are invited to send in any expression of that empathy, be it photos, art, a sample to include in the recording, or anything else that reflects your empathy.