Trouble Changing (2020)

Keenan Reimer-Watts

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Trouble Changing (2020)

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An album dedicated to all those who struggle with change.

This album is a fundraising album, and is PWYC above 9.99. All of the proceeds from this album go to support Black Lives Matter Toronto. At time of this release, George Floyd had just been murdered, and the world was responding in need of empathy. Of all the things I can think of, I think what needs to change most are our relations to each other, as people. I hope to help that in the small way that I can, through music.

Thank you to all of my friends (Lila, Leh, Richard, Manar, Diana, Veda, Corey, Sheldon, Maria, Caroline, Justin, Colin, Ella, Elli, Eva, Kathryn, Wendy, Abhi, Lucas, Caleb, Shannon, and Jessica) who sang with me on the first track. By adding your voice you met my need to be heard and empathized with.

The album is in two parts - the first, a song, the second, a 60-minute piano improvisation that was subsequently edited.

Mastering was done at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi.

I give my deepest gratitude to all those in my life who have encouraged me to grow, especially Veda. I love you.

For all of you who still find it difficult to change, I hope you find empathy, peace, and love in this album.


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