Who's Keenan?


Hello! I am Keenan.

I greatly enjoy my life as a composer and multi-instrumentalist, based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

I catalog most of my musical life on this Sound Site. I also have Patreon, where I post videos about how I do what I do, as well as some other music. There, you can pitch in to support me for each thing I make, in exchange for musical treats. 

I love playing around with sound in a variety of ways, and am always exploring. 

I also love gardening, learning about bugs, trees, animals, and all other things nature. I dream of someday having a permaculture homestead, and a tiny home next to a small recording studio. 

Thanks for tuning in to my corner of the beautifully vast world of sound! I rely on people loving/sharing the music I make in order to keep making that music.

Thank you for being here, and please reach out and say hi via the contact page.

Lots of love,