Who's Keenan?

Hello! I am Keenan. I greatly enjoy my life as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. 

As someone who strangely loves the act of putting notes on pages, I've composed oodles for solo piano, many other solo instruments, chamber ensembles, and a few pieces for orchestra.

One of my favorite things to write are pieces that are part of the series Preludes for Peoplemusic that reflects people who I have either met, or hopefully will meet! 

I've always been experimenting with music since I was a young lad, and have made albums comprised of children’s piano music by Debussy, Bartok and Schumann, synthesizer improvisations, poetry, and piano improvisations with electronic clips from all over the world. I'm to shy to put this online but if you contact me I'll send you some.

Currently I'm trying to arrange some Bartok for tons of different instruments and in a variety of genres. 

My most recent album Preludes for People, and Wandering Pieces is available on most streaming sites on the planet, but more importantly  right here on this website, under albums. 

Currently I've fallen in love with folk music from everywhere...feel free to send my music you like, I always want to hear more!  

I'm also founder and member of 'Buskers for Change', a performing arts-based movement dedicated to raising money for environmental organizations, in an effort to help mitigate climate change. 

Learn more at www.buskingforchange.net.

Thanks for stopping by! Bye for now!