In my efforts to reduce waste, I have decided to cease printing CD's and printing sheet music, and have gone entirely digital. I am doing this for a few reasons - primarily, to reduce my environmental impact on the planet we call home, but also to reach a broader audience over the web, and not in sheet music stores/CD stores. 

That said, even though the products here are digital, I hope they are not considered less valuable. I still worked hard to produce each note and recording. Please consider these downloads as meaningful as a physical object...although it is less personal, we need to reduce our waste on the planet, and going digital is part of that.

If you'd like something more personal, contact me! We'll skype :)

If you are here from IMSLP, welcome! Thank you for being here, and please consider supporting my work through downloading. I put up my music on IMSLP because I believe it should be accessible, and I do not want those who are not able to purchase contemporary music to be unable to play it...however, for those who are able to purchase this music, please consider doing so. I certainly don't make a large income from music, and your support goes a long way.

Thanks for being here!